If you distill the fair down to its most elemental part, it is about movement. Shuttles looping, peristaltic action gulping, rides spinning, and even the stuttered movement of people through a crowd. Everyone carrying large plates of food and stopping to gawk at the next best thing and ultimately move on.

But how do you capture that movement in still photographs? How do you photograph this wave like action? For years I have tried to speed up my shutter to freeze moments in time, but today I went the other way and leaned into the movement by extending my shutter times. More to come.

More Visual Practice and developing a creative mantra

Sometimes framing what you’re about to do correctly, is the best way to start something creative. It’s quite difficult to get out of your head sometimes when you want to push out good work. Self-doubt almost always creeps in and can ruin your ability to create.

In my case, in photography, if I just grab the camera and go on a practice walk I tend to feel loose and free and have a much better outcome than if I go out looking for a particular perfect image. If I head out to make amazing images I tend to feel rigid and too distracted to see. I come home left with a feeling of remorse.

Last night I met up with Jordan and Jeff and we hit the streets of Syracuse for a bit of street practice. Before I got out of the truck I had that talk with myself about being loose and free and just exploring. I would take pictures of anything and everything. My pre shoot self-talk usually goes like this:

  1. Take lots of pictures, digital negatives are cheap.

  2. Shoot as soon as your toes hit the pavement to warm up.

  3. Walk and explore but most of all be open.

  4. Slow down.

  5. The truly great shots happen when you’re not thinking.

So the question is, how do you defeat self doubt? How do you start your creative work, and do it consistently?

Visual Practice

I got out to shoot last night with the x100t and had just about an hour to kill so I wandered around downtown with the camera looking for reflections. I had a ton of terrible shots but its refreshing to just practice.

Do you ever give yourself a task for practice? I would love to hear what you do to get in some practice during the day.