Street Photography in Baltimore
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Street Photography in Baltimore

  • Radisson Hotel Baltimore Downtown-Inner Harbor (map)
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About 4.5 hours away, Baltimore is a big city easily accessible from Central NY just by hopping on 81 and heading South. Dubbed the City of Neighborhoods, Baltimore is the perfect photographic destination with its wonderful architecture, history, and distinct communities around the Chesapeake Bay.

Join Story behind the Photos for 2 days on a street photography adventure in August. We will focus our time on exploring the area and working the city and surrounding areas for street photography, architecture, and of course eating delicious local seafood.

WHEN: Friday, August 16- Saturday August 17th 2019

WHO: Anyone who would like to learn more about street and travel photography. Learn how to overcome your fears and also get guidance on technique and camera settings. Limited to 4 participants to keep the group nimble.

GEAR: Participants should have a small and light kit if possible. A DSLR or mirrorless camera with a prime lens is optimal. We prefer a 35mm or 50mm prime lens as it forces you to get close and focus on the framing. Large cameras and lenses tend to distract people and bring more attention to you.



1. Arrive Baltimore at 3pm and check into hotel. Park car and unpack.

2. 4pm group gathers in lobby with light gear and sturdy walking shoes. We walk to inner harbor area, and acclimate ourselves to the area. Shoot photos for 2-3 hours as the light drops and shadows get long.

3. Dinner or dinner cruise on harbor at group discretion around 8pm.

4. Uber back to hotel.

5. Optional metro station/night shooting for 1 hour.


6. 6am (Optional) Wake up early and meet in lobby at 6:00 am for a few hours of street photography.

7. 10am Group Breakfast at hotel.

8. 11am Check out of hotel and place belongings in car.

9. Street photography at Historic Fells point and harbor area.

10. Late group Lunch then depart for home.

COST: Each photographer is 100 dollars plus lodging and food. Each person is responsible for securing their own lodging and food. (See below estimated cost)

Lodging: Radison Hotel Baltimore Inner Harbor at 101 Fayette Street. (145 per night plus taxes and fees for 1 night) Great location to metro/ Lexington market and 10 minute walk to harbor.

Food/Drinks: 100 per day (200)

Transportation in Baltimore: We will use uber and water taxis (50)

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Street Photography: An Introduction
9:00 AM09:00

Street Photography: An Introduction

How do you understand an organism as complex as a human being? Human habits, their preferences, the intellectual luggage that they carry, are sometimes hidden deep in their actions. A human being is the most dynamic thing you can take a picture of. Humans are complex, beautiful, and ever changing.

Can a single photograph tell a story of humanity or at least open up a dialogue? Can the process of making these pictures open up you?

Join two award winning local photographers on their journey to complete their street photography project in Syracuse. See their photographic process and learn their tips for interacting with people and spaces.

WHO: A small group of 4 people with mobile phones up to DSLR’s. Discrete is best, smaller gear is favored in this genre. We prefer a small camera with a single lens, like a 35mm or a 50mm.

WHAT: Start out at a local coffee shop and walk the city looking for light and moments of humans interacting with the city they call home.

HOW: We will start with a cup of local coffee and a discussion about gear, tips, and the challenges of working the streets in Syracuse. Then we will head out on an active workshop. Plan to walk and shoot images for a few hours. During this time you can see how we work, and also see our work on display down in Clinton Square thanks to the community foundation grant.

WHERE: We will start at Cafe Kubal across from the iconic Niagara mohawk building. The views inside are incredible. 324 W Water Street , Syracuse NY 13202

WHEN: May 18th 9:00-12:00pm

HOW MUCH: Each photographer is 50 dollars please reserve your spot by clicking below.

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Mobile and Desktop Editing - How to edit your photograph
6:00 PM18:00

Mobile and Desktop Editing - How to edit your photograph


This workshop is meant for beginners to pros looking to take their photos to the next level by intentionally editing them and crafting them to tell the best visual stories. We will spend the evening showing off two different workflows on two different devices.

WHO: The Sargent room can fit up to 25 people so space is limited but bring a friend interested in stepping up their editing. Anyone and everyone is welcome.

GEAR: Smartphone loaded with google SNAPSEED photo editing App and about 10 images you would like to edit. You may also want to bring a laptop and a few images with adobe Lightroom as we will be teaching the second hour using Adobe Lightroom Classic CC on a Mac laptop.

WHEN: Monday March 11, 2019 6pm-8pm

WHAT: Course outline

Hour 1:

The why of editing: Participants will be shown raw images and also the edited versions along with a short story about the capture and why the edit brought out our vision. Different viewpoints will be shared about how far one can take editing before it becomes digital art.

Mobile editing: Participants will be shown how to use the free google SNAPSEED app, and do basic edits.

Work time: work time will be given to edit images and ask questions about the program to the guides and other participants. Jordan and I will be on hand to walk around and help as well as suggest edits.

Hour 2:

Why go Desktop?: We will switch over and show a basic setup and import using Lightroom and also compare and contrast the much larger program vs using your mobile device to edit. Pros and cons will be discussed.

Basic interface and edit: We will go through a basic edit and the interface so that you can see if this program is right for you and your needs. Chris will also go through an image and intentionally complexify the light to add depth and drama to the image.

WHERE: Sargent room at the Liverpool Public Library at 310 Tulip Street.

Workshop guides: Jordan Harmon and Chris Stein

PRICE: Free but seating is limited so please sign up below.

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How would you describe yourself and your photography editing? *
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